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We Are More Than a 9-5 Office
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Complete Auto Insurance in Woodstock

Auto insurance

Don’t Settle. Only Get the Best

Roads are a risky place. That’s why it is critical that your auto insurance is hassle-free and trustworthy, ready to support and protect you whenever you need it most.

We’ve All Been There

Your high school friend. Your grandparent. Your brother. We all know someone who chose to drive with inadequate or no insurance and then paid dearly for it. Believe us – the stress and expense are not worth it.
We provide the right coverage for your specific circumstances, so you never have to worry. Navigating your insurance options and making a choice can seem daunting, but we make it easy for you.

We Work for You

Our team of dedicated insurance advisors works to get you the personalized auto insurance you need. Our quotes and policy comparisons are free and without any obligations attached.
We are more than a “9 to 5” office. As an independent insurance provider, we offer policies from multiple insurance companies, which allows us to compare quotes, pricing, and features to get you coverage that is tailored to your lifestyle and goals. We help you have confidence and control even through life’s unpredictable events.

Personalized Coverage When You Need It

We understand the importance of having an advisor that not only understands your needs but will advise and help you to get the best policy for the lowest cost. From your initial visit to renewal, changes, or updates, we are here to help you every step of the way. Caring is the difference when you trust Finley Pinson Insurance.

Fast Service. Affordable Prices

Our advisors are ready to help you navigate your options, provide professional advice, and help you make the best decisions to protect yourself and your loved ones. We offer competitive rates, loss-free, and package discounts to save you even more on your rates. We want you to rest assured that, when you need it, your policy from Finley Pinson Insurance will go the extra mile.
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