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Why Bundling Your Insurance Is the Way to Go

Bundling Insurance Concept

If you like keeping things simple and saving money all at the same time, you should consider bundling your insurance policies into one. Bundling is something that many people do today for these reasons, and it is something insurance companies encourage. Here are the top benefits you could receive if you choose to buy all your insurance products from just one company.

Simplify Your Life

If one of the goals you have in life is keeping things as simple as possible, bundling your insurance policies will help you achieve this. Bundling makes things simpler in several ways, and the first way is by limiting your insurance communications and needs to just one company.

When you have an insurance question, you will know who to call without looking up your paperwork. When you need to file a claim, you will know who to call. When you need to pay your insurance premiums, you will have just one check to write out or one electronic payment to make.

Additionally, buying all your insurance products from one company will help you develop a more personal relationship with your agent. Instead of you calling your agent when you need things, your agent might call you. Your agent will get to know you and your needs, and he or she will know your area and the risks you face.

This personal relationship offers a lot of great benefits, including the ability to find more discounts on your policies. If the agent notices that your child is now in college, the agent might call you to tell you that the child could qualify for discounts on auto insurance coverage simply because he or she is a full-time student.

Save More Money

Some people are always searching for ways to cut their expenses, and bundling could be one good way for you to save money on your insurance expenses. In fact, the average person who switches from several companies to just one company through a bundling policy saves 16%. This is a lot of money, especially if you pay a lot for insurance.

For example, suppose you currently pay $3,000 a year for all your insurance policies. If you bundle and can save 16% from bundling, you will cut your bill by $480. This would leave you spending only $2,520 instead of $3,000. This is a significant amount of money to save simply from combining your policies.

If you look at the monthly bills you pay each month, you might notice that most of them are fixed expenses. You cannot adjust fixed expenses; however, insurance is not a fixed expense, which means it is an expense that you could save money on.

It Offers Protection

The other thing most people do not even think about is the protection bundling offers. There are times when people file claims on their insurance policies and end up getting cut by these companies. In other words, an insurance company might drop a customer after paying out a claim.

If you bundle, this is not likely to occur. Insurance companies that offer bundling packages are less likely to drop customers after just one claim. If you worry about getting dropped by your insurance company, you should consider bundling. This will reduce the chances of this happening if you file a claim on one of your insurance types.

Saving money on insurance is easy to do when you bundle. If you would like to see how much money you could save by combining your insurance policies into one, contact Finley Pinson Insurance. We offer dozens of different types of insurance products, and we can help you find all the discounts available for your unique situation.‚Äč